The detailed operation process of Smartee invisible treatment?

Dentist plays a vital role during the treatment.

1. Smartee receives the information dentists prepared: silicone rubber impression; full panoramic radiographs; cephalometric photos; intraoral and facial photos; patient form.

2. Cephalometry Analysis, head influence measuring, communication with the dentist, make sure and send the preliminary plan; If admitted, go to the step 3; if not admitted, give the reasons.

3. Dentist receives the treatment plan, service order and informed consent. According to treatment plan, dentist moves the enamels and teeth.

4. Smartee receives patient’s silicone rubber impression, bite record, receipt processing contract and processing fee.

5. High Precision 3D scanning.

6. Smartee make and send the treatment effect of 3D simulation , and communicate. Dentist may propose amendments. Base on amendments to modify.

7. Dentist confirm. After Smartee receives design specification, the aligner start producing.

8. 3D printing aligner prototype.

9. Pressed film production

10. Check under the loupe

11. Disinfection by ultraviolet light

12. Pack and ship the aligner

13. Interim feedback.

14. Whether all aligners are perfect : If yes, go to step 4; if not, go to step 15.

15. After receive "Invisible Treatment Ending Consent" signed by a dentist and send the retainer, the case is over.





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