The Common Questions of Smartee Invisible Treatment

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Common Invisible Treatment Questions ——Technology:
What's the material of invisible aligner?
Smartee® invisible aligner is made of polymer film which is imported from Germany. The polymer film uses PETG as raw material. This material is highly transparent, tasteless, with outstanding toughness and high impact strength, tear resistance. Meanwhile it resists to oils, chemical supplies, also erode from aid, alkalis, etc.
What's the principle of the invisible treatment?
Invisible treatment customizes a series of aligners to each patient by using professional technology. Patient only needs to change a new pair of aligners every two weeks. Each pair of aligner will complete the perfect movements step by step, finally finish the treatment.
How invisible aligner straighten the teeth?
The aligner can exert pressure on the teeth. It forces the teeth to move within a small range. According to the different conditions of teeth,dentist will decide which teeth should be moved and the range of the movement.
Is invisible treatment really effective?
Absolutely yes! Dentists have been curing patients through invisible treatment for a long history. So far more than 200 million patients have been cured successfully.
What do Smartee® invisible aligners look like?
Smartee® invisible aligners look similar to clear retainers, teeth-whitening trays, or gum shields. A series of aligners are custom-made for you and each aligner will contain the patient identification number and the Smartee® logo.
Can General Practitioners carry out invisible treatment?
The answer is yes. But they must go through orthodontic specialist training. At first time, it is recommended to begin treatment from simple cases (such as tooth gap).
Common Invisible Treatment Questions ——Wearing:
Can a 38-years-old adult do invisible treatment?
If the periodontal condition is good, invisible treatment suits for everyone. Under normal circumstances, as long as you have a good periodontal, age is not a factor. Smartee® also did an invisible treatment for 53 years old patient.
How to wear and pick off the aligner?
The anterior teeth start wearing the aligner at first, and then press it to both sides slowly. After wearing, bite and chew several times to make sure aligners fit well. When removing the aligners, use the fingers pull the edge of posterior teeth, gently pull up and down, alternating two sides until departing teeth. You can also use aligner remover tools. After hooking the edge of poserior teeth, press gently and remove the aligner until it get loose.
There is a little bit pain when first wearing, what can I do?
When first wearing,some patients might have a little bit pain. Because the aligner pressed the teeth and make it move.After about two or three days, it will get better.
Can I eat or drink when wearing the aligner?
You should pick off the aligner when eating or drinking. After that, gargle and wear it again. When drink hot or colored drinks, also recommend removing the aligner.
Because wearing aligner is troublesome, sometimes do not wear enough time. Is that ok?
Usually recommended to wear aligner more than 20 hours a day, if not, it might have some influence to treatment.
Always On business trip, can I take invisible treatment?
The appointment time of invisible treatment is longer than traditional treatment. So it suits the person who always has business trips. Usually,if an adult has better compliance,as long as paying attention to the wearing and replacement time, long-term business trip is harmless.
The aligner damaged or lost by accident, what can I do?
When lost, last aligner can be worn to make sure the teeth cannot move. (So remember to keep the last aligner carefully when change it.) Then contact the dentist, the dentist determines whether to re-create aligner based on the clinical situation.
Forget to brush teeth after a meal, and the aligner is stained, what can I do?
When aligner is dirty or stained, use ultrasonic cleaning to clean it. After cleaning, it will have a new look. In daily life, you can use toothbrush to brush the aligner gently when you brush your teeth every night. It can keep the aligner clean.
Common Invisible Treatment Questions ——Treatment:
How long does invisible treatment take?
Treatment time is based on the complexity of the patient's dentition. Generally, an adult may need about 12-28 months. The dentition more complex, more time will be required.
Is everyone suitable for the invisible treatment?
In general,Smartee® invisible treatment is suitable for patients who have a variety of teeth malocclusion after the second molar teeth grows up completely.It is not suitable for skeletal development.Combining with traditional treatment is suggested.
Are patients who have porcelain teeth suitable for invisible treatment?
Generally yes, But this requires a certificated dentist to confirm the specific location of porcelain teeth, and assess carefully.
What is attachment? How to stick it?
Attachment is a small blockage which is made of medical resin. Attached on the teeth temporary, it can help teeth move. It's difficult to be noticed, because it has the same color as teeth,and does not affect eating and brushing. According to the treatment design, bonding and removing attachment at different time. It will be completely removed when the treatment is finished.
What dentist should prepare for when a patient pays a subsequent visit?
When a patient pays a subsequent visit, dentist needs to check the wearing condition. Such as: whether aligner is fit, attachment is integral, teeth movement meets the design. Whether there is occlusal interference, and also patient compliance. etc.
How to confirm the amount of IPR before invisible treatment?
By using Smartee® invisible treatment provide design software, designer can draw the accurate location and the amount of IPR. Dentists will get a clear design sheet for clinical operation.
Will invisible treatment achieve the same effect as traditional treatment?
The basic principle of invisible treatment is same to the traditional treatment. Large clinical practices prove that as long as choosing the right indications, invisible aligner can achieve the same effect as traditional treatment under the condition of ensuring the beauty and comfort. For complex cases, combining other orthodontic treatment methods can also be adopted.





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