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"Patient First, Doctor First" is Smartee®'s service purpose.

Short time to wait: Generally, delivery is 16 working days. If there are special condition,
we can provide expedited service.

Convenient Express: We use SF Express which has best reputation and most efficient,
ensureing that you can receive quickly.

Thoughtful service: Follow-up and close contaction with doctors.

Professional customer service:Professional consultation +86 21 5079 8880.

Market Support: Smartee® offers a variety of free market promotional items,
custom authorization card and authorization certificates, etc.

Free Tools: Provides free IPR tools such as burs, diamond strip, measurement ruler, etc.

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    Shanghai office: 2F, Building A 121,NO.2305 Zuchongzhi Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai

    Telephone: +86 21 5079 8880

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