Smartee invisible treatment process of the doctor's job?

Dentist plays a vital role during the treatment.

01.Dentist-patient communication

Dentists can explain invisible treatment to patients by video, showing how to do the invisible treatment; the advantages and matters need attention of invisible treatment. Through video, the patient can better understand the invisible treatment.

02.Take photos and X-rays

Dentist needs to take facial and intraoral photos, X-ray photos, and lateral radiography etc. It’s convenient for us to make a suitable treatment plan.

03. Make silicone rubber impression.

Dentists select putty silicon rubber and adopt two-step impression taking method to make impression. Guarantee dentition completed and gingival margin clear, continuous, completed.

04. Review animation

By computer simulation of the treatment process, dentist needs to carefully observe the simulated changes.


According the place and amount which obtained from Smartee private software, dentists do IPR

06. Bonding attachment

Dentists use the attachments to help teeth movement and aligner fixed.





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