Deep exploration of Smartee invisible alignertechnology

Understanding of the process Smartee invisible treatment technology.

First step   solid cast and 3D precise scanning, digital simulation of production.

Clinician collects patient's information such as impressions and X-ray, etc.

Smartee® adopt international advanced scanning methods combining laser 3D and 3D Blu-ray scanning.

Directly scanning patient impression.

The scanning accuracy is up to 1 micron and scan pixels reaches one million.

Then use 3D modeling software to transfer the scan data to Three-dimensional digital model.

Second step   Smartee® dedicately design software and digitizing analog treatment process

Smartee® digital orthodontic software can design upper and lower jaw together,

Observe the changes of occlusion relationship.The individual teeth can move and rotate from different directions.

Arch radian settings and other functions. With the help of specialized software,

Smartee®'s design doctors can move and rotate tooth in multiple dimensions,

and assist to achieve optimize treatment path.

Third step   Digital model 3D printing, Smartee® invisible aligner production molding..

One of the core technologies of the invisible treatment is to transfer the digital teeth model to materialized.

Smartee® uses the professional 3D printer to achieved the unthinkable conversion.

Through this process, digital model converts to the physical model which accuracy is up to 16 microns.

Under the precise control of every process,a series sophisticated invisible aligner produced.

It perfectly embodies the teeth tiny displacement of each step.





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