What Smartee® Invisible Treatment Costs?

Smartee® invisible treatment is the high return investment of the beauty. It not only gives you beautiful appearance, but also healthy dental system.Worth it!

How much does invisible orthodontics treatment cost?

The price of invisible orthodontics treatment is depend on the individual condition of the malformation difficult or easy degree. Doctors will estimate the price based on patient's situation after making the treatment plane. Further more, the different skills, service level and district will influence the price of treatment. Please consult your dentist for more information.

Why choose Smartee® invisible treatment?

Smartee invisible aligner has the advantage of beautiful, comfortable, healthy and predictability. More over, the world first interactivity APP, Aligner Chewie,Pick-up which is independent R &D, pay more attention on the patients'experience. Further more, we are keep improving and R &D cephalometrics software that facility clinical doctors, making the orthodontics more precise.

More Questions about Smartee® invisible treatment?

If you still have questions about invisible treatment?Jump to FAQ, you may learn more about the information of Smartee® invisible treatment technology and the various notice in treatment process.






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