To Know the Effects of Smartee® Invisible Treatment.

Constant dripping wears away a stone! Wearing at least 20 hours every day,you can realize perfect transformation. Smartee® will give a more beautiful smile and more healthy teeth.

(1)Patient: Female, 17 years old. Claim for solving the protruding canine tooth by using extraction.

(2)Patient: Female, 29 years old. Claim for solving upper teeth crowded by IPR.

(3)Patient: Female, 20 years old. Claim for solving teeth crowded by IPR and extraction.

(4)Patient: Female, 35 years old. Claim for closing the diastema of anterior teeth .

(5)Patient: Female, 37 years old. Claim for improving the condition of the crossbite.

(6)Patient: Female, 30 years old. Claim for rearranging bimaxillary.





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