Smartee aligner


Smartee® aligner is transparent, invisiable and without any affect in daily work and life.


Smartee® aligner combines 3D printing technology, CAD/CAM and other orthodontic technology, moving teeth to the ideal position accurately.


Smartee® applianceis free from any arch wires and brackets, and harmless to oral cavity and no exogenous body sensation.


Smartee® aligner is removable and does not affect the eating and oral hygiene.

Start the Smartee invisible orthodontic treatment

Find a hospital

A professional certified Smartee dentist manages your entire treatment process.

Clinical inspection

The certified dentist collects patient's silicone rubber impressions, X-rays, facial and intraoral photos,and send them to Smartee to establish a 3D database.

Start treatment

Wear aligner on time, visit the dentist regularly and begin Smartee invisible treatment journey.

Achieve a smile

Finish the Smartee invisible treatment! Achieve a perfect smile!





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